Raccoons, opossums, mink, snakes and muskrats are common land predators for crayfish. Catfish and other ray-finned fish such as bass, pickerel and muskie prey on crayfish. Crayfish also eat each other. More »

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The Canadian Shield is home to moose caribou, bears, muskrats, wolves, woodchucks, moose, raccoons, beavers, coyotes, foxes, wolverines, weasels, deer, mink and otters. Atlantic salmon, eight different species of whales,... More »

Bats are commonly preyed upon by other nocturnal animals such as owls and hawks who can fly silently undetected and capture them while still in flight. Snakes are also another well-camouflaged predator of fruit-eating ba... More »

Fish are the most prominent predators of leeches, and other predators include aquatic birds, water bugs, crayfish, turtles, snakes and other leeches. Regardless of their habitat, all leeches are preyed upon. However, the... More »

Crawfish, or crayfish, eat just about anything edible in their environment. This includes much water plant life and smaller aquatic animals, such as dead fish and shrimp. More »

Animals, such as muskrats, crayfish, aquatic insects and humans, regularly eat cattails. In addition to providing nutrients, cattails are also important for providing cover and a place to lay eggs for many species. More »

Predators of rabbits include larger mammals, such as coyotes, foxes, raccoons and opossums; predatory birds, such as owls, hawks and snakes; and domesticated animals, such as cats and dogs. Rabbits are vulnerable to pred... More »

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