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Physical Appearance American mink are usually deep brown or black in color, although they also feature white markings on their chests and on some other parts of their bodies. The smooth-furred creatures have short limbs, lithe physiques, tiny ears and lengthy necks.


Humans have long hunted minks precisely due to its attractive fur. The American mink mainly eats crustaceans, rodents, fish, birds, and frogs in the wild. It is likely to be distinguished from weasels and stoats in the physical appearance.


Other facts. The mink's coat is coated in oil to repel water. Minks have webbed feet that help them swim. Minks can swim up to 100 feet (30 m) underwater, according ADW.


Characteristics. The American Mink have a long slender body which is around 12-22 inches (30-55 cm) long. They have short webbed legs which make them an excellent swimmer. The little minks have a long tail and its tail itself comprises of one-third of its body. It has thick glossy hair usually brown to black in color throughout its body and a ...


Mink Facts. Mink is a mammal that belongs to the family of weasels. There are two species of mink, American and European that differ in size, color and type of habitat. American mink inhabits North America and Canada, while European mink inhabits Europe. Mink lives in areas near rivers, ponds, lakes, swamps and marshes, especially if they are ...


Since muskrats can have up to 5 litters per year and each litter can contain up to 5 or 6 kits, controlling the muskrat population through trapping is beneficial and important. Overall - Muskrat Facts. With a basic understanding of where they live and what they eat it's not hard to find an area to trap muskrats.


Mink Facts. The American Mink lives across most of North America and is a cat-sized member of the Mustelidae family, which also includes weasels, otters and skunks. They have a long body measuring up to 26 inches and their soft, chocolate-brown fur is commonly used in the fashion industry.


Characteristics. The mink has a long, sleek body about two feet long. It has short, stubby legs; a long neck; small ears and eyes and a long, thick tail. In fact, one third of the mink's length is its tail! The American mink has brown to black fur with white fur on its chin and a little bit of white fur on its throat. Its fur is very soft and ...


The American mink is a mammal and member of the weasel family, Mustelidae. Because of their slender bodies, which usually measures approximately two feet long, this animal somewhat resembles their close relatives, the domestic ferret. Other physical characteristics of the mink include short legs and tiny eyes and ears, as well as webbed feet.


Physical Description. Mink fur is usually dark brown with white patches on the chin, chest, and throat areas. The fur is soft and thick, with oily guard hairs that waterproof the animal's coat (Chapman and Feldhamer 1982). The body is long and slender with short legs and a pointy, flat face. The toes are partially webbed, showing the mink's ...