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The Hospital for Special Surgery, with locations in several states, provides support and qualified physicians for patients who prefer minimally invasive knee surgery, according to HHS. The hospital claims that HSS surgeons have performed more than 2,000 minimally invasive surgeries that are just as


Two days after total knee replacement surgery, the patient begins physical therapy, which is a key element of postoperative rehabilitation, states MedicineNet. To provide stabilization, the patient must use a knee brace during therapy and when walking or sleeping. The use of crutches or a walker is


An invasion game is the term used to describe any type of strategy game in which the aim is to attack an opponent's territory and score a goal or point. Invasion games are usually structured in teams with equal numbers of players on each team. Examples of this type of team games include football, ru


To minimize recovery time after hip replacement surgery, it is crucial for patients to keep a strict physical therapy regimen for six weeks after arriving home, according to Sutter Health. These exercises, as recommended by the recovery team, help the joint heal efficiently and quickly.


Ice packs, prescription pain relievers and over-the-counter medications help to minimize pain after hernia surgery, states Beverly Hills Hernia Center. Most patients experience moderate to severe pain during the first three days following the operation, but pain control may be necessary for up to tw


An invasive species is any organism that causes damage to an ecosystem in which it did not originate. An invasive species may cause reduced biodiversity and extinction of other plants and animals in a new environment incapable of defending against its effects.


Invasive species come in many sizes and varieties and include Asian carp, brown marmorated stink bugs, viruses, feral pigs and cogongrass. Invasive species are found around the world and in virtually every environment. They range in size from tiny microorganisms, bacteria and viruses to plants, fish


Options for non-invasive treatment for fluid on the knee include medication, joint aspiration, arthroscopy, rest, and ice and elevation, according to Mayo Clinic. If an individual is unable to put weight on his knee joint, he may have to consult an orthopedic surgeon for a knee replacement surgery.


Privacy laws vary somewhat between different states, but taking a picture or video of someone without their consent or knowledge in a private residence is an almost-universal example of a violation of privacy. A related violation of privacy would be hacking into a personal account and viewing or dis


Privacy is a basic human need, and invasion of privacy can have serious psychological and emotional consequences, including paranoia, anxiety, depression and broken trust. Invasion of privacy is both a legal and an ethical issue.