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Mini daffodils are perfect for small spaces (and budgets) ... In an area of only six by eight feet, she was growing approximately 200 varieties of miniature daffodils. The term applies to those ...


Other Daffodil Cultivars Division 12; Division 13; Colour . All white; All yellow; Orange with Orange or Red; White with Pink; White with Red or Orange; White with Yellow; Yellow with Pink; Yellow with Red or Orange; Scented Daffodils; Miniature Daffodils; Dwarf varieties; Daffodils for mass planting; Historical Varieties; Mixed Daffodils ...


Planting miniature daffodils in the fall bring cute petite yellow, white and orange daffodils in early spring. These beauties are easy to grow, deer resistant and multiply year after year. Miniature daffodils are perfect for rock gardens, planting under shrubs, mixing with other bulbs such as Crocus, Scilla and Grape Hyacinths.


We ship our Daffodil Bulbs in the Fall. Please order as far in advance as possible in order to secure availability on specific daffodil and narcissus varieties. Our Daffodils are shipped out between September through December. Our aim is to offer the largest collection of wholesale daffodil bulbs online with many unique varieties!


Heirloom Daffodils are varieties that have been treasured and passed down from one generation to the next for many years. G enerally, t hey are exceptionally hardy, with some plantings known to have lasted well over 100 years.. The American Daffodil Society refers to these as "historic" Daffodils, defined as varieties either registered with the Royal Horticultural Society or grown in gar...


Daffodil flowers produce seeds, but the bulbs can also reproduce by generating side bulbs or offsets. Within a year or two, these "daughter bulbs" become large enough to bloom on their own. So if your goal is to have big drifts of daffodils, it's best to plant vigorous varieties that are known to be good at producing offsets.


Earlier blooming species include Cassata Daffodil, Dutch Master Trumpet Daffodil, Tete-a-Tete Miniature Daffodil, and more. Mid-season bloomers inlcude Art Design Double Daffodil, Thalia Daffodil, Tahiti Double Daffodil, and others. Later varieties include The Poet's Daffodil Actaea, Sorbet Daffodil, Petit Four Double Daffodil, and more.


Miniature Daffodils These petite blooms may be small in size but they certainly create a big impact in the garden. Tough, hardy and easy to grow these daffodils add garden fun and always attract attention.


Members of the Narcissus family, daffodils include up to 200 various species and more than 25,000 cultivars. They’re available in many different flower shapes, offer varied bloom times, and come in a wide range of colors from shades of the traditional yellow to orange, white, peach, salmon, coral and bi-colors—so you have tons to choose from!


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