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Tabletop stands hold displays for business advertising at conferences and hold menus, table numbers and guest names at receptions or dinner parties. Wire X-frames, molded clear acrylic tents, hinged-plate stands, spiral or clip holders, and decorated stand-up food items keep information in clear vie


Tabletop stands used for display range from wood, metal or acrylic easels to weighted bases that hold pull-up banners braced against a slender support pole. Card holders for names, menus or table numbers include pinch or clip stands -- typically chrome -- ring stands topped by a wire spiral that hol


Tabletop holders display cards, menus, seat numbers or names, brochures, and other decorative and informational items. A holder may anchor the tablecloth while it cradles a candle or a single flower. Tabletop holders range from napkin rings for individual place settings to footed baskets designed to


Stone that is hard enough to serve as a tabletop requires special tools for drilling. SFGate recommends adhering small squares of plywood to the bottom of the stone and using wood screws to attach the base.


A tabletop milling machine performs precision milling or machining tasks in less space and at lower cost because the machines are small, and users can mount them on tables. The tabletop milling machine is popular with hobbyists, academic or research institutions, artists and small businesses that do


Tabletop dishwashers work exactly the same way as their hard-wired counterparts, and the only difference in the two models is the size and location. While tabletop dishwashers are more compact and weigh less than a conventional dishwasher, their respective engine and drain components are the same. T


Eight-ball and nine-ball are two very common games for billiards tables. Eight-ball is played with 15 balls, where one player is responsible for pocketing only the solid balls (except the eight-ball), and the other player is responsible for pocketing only the striped balls.


Begin setting up a pool table for a game of eight-ball by placing a corner of the rack, or triangle, on the dot at one end of the table. The other corners should be parallel with the nearest short end of the table. Next, place the solid-colored yellow one-ball in the top corner over the dot.


To affix ceramic tiles to a tabletop, use a trowel to apply commercially available mortar or tile adhesive to the tile backs, then press firmly onto the surface of the table. Maintain a 1/4-inch space between each tile for grouting material. When tiling the table, DoItYourself recommends beginning i


The best way to move a pool table is to disassemble the table, carefully labeling each piece, and then reassemble the table in its new location. Required tools are a staple puller, flat head screwdriver, safety goggles, socket wrench and power drill.