Doctors and other health professionals use mini-mental status exams to determine whether patients have dementia. This is exam is more correctly known as the mini-mental state exam. More » World View Social Sciences Psychology

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A mental status exam includes an assessment of a patient's appearance and general behavior, mood and affect, speech, motor activity and thought process. The exam also assesses a patient's cognitive functions, thought con... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Mental Health

The standardized mini-mental state exam, or MMSE, is a series of questions that health professionals use to gauge a patient's everyday mental skills and determine the presence of dementia, according to the Alzheimer's As... More »

The fourth edition of the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" used Axis I, II, III, IV and V to help health professionals address their patients' psychological and physical needs, according to Dr. Bri... More »

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Progress notes generally describe important topics discussed during a therapy session, particular interventions applied, observations of the status, symptoms and progress of the client, and plans for the next sessions, r... More »