Abrasive agents make up the bulk of the ingredients in toothpaste, and their general purpose is to assist in removing plaque from teeth. Among these abrasives are minerals such as mica, various silicas, limestone and alu... More »

Mineral Hygienics, PUR Minerals, Bare Minerals and Lily Lolo are well-reviewed mineral powder makeup brands. Other good brands include Colorescience, GloMinerals and Bare Escentuals. Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup and Illumi... More »

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Sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as the active ingredient in baking soda, is useful medicinally to relieve heartburn and acid indigestion; as a leavening agent in cooking; as a cleaning agent to help with scrubbing and... More »

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Common ingredients in toothpaste include water, abrasives, fluorides, thickening agents and flavoring agents. Toothpaste comes in a paste or gel form. It removes plague from teeth and strengthens tooth enamel. More »

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Brushing removes food and plaque, which is a transparent sticky substance, from the surface of teeth. The removal is important due to bacteria found within plaque. If allowed to remain on the teeth, bacteria begin to att... More »

Many possible side effects can arise without regular teeth brushing, the most common of which include plaque and tartar build-up. Other common side effects include cavities, swollen gums and bad breath. More »

Plaque disclosing tablets, such as the one manufactured by Crest, work by highlighting the areas on one’s teeth that have plaque on them. These tablets usually consist of a non-toxic red vegetable dye that clings to the ... More »

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