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TIP: Starting in Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) 1.11.1, the Mending enchantment can not be combined with the Infinity enchantment. The Mending and Infinity enchantments can be combined in Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and Wii U Editions (as well as older versions of Java Edition).


An anvil can be used to combine the enchantments of two items, sacrificing one of them and repairing the other.The items must be compatible; they must either be the same type and material (such as two iron swords), or an item and an enchanted book with an applicable enchantment (such as a bow and an Infinity enchanted book). There are limits to how much work can be done in one operation.


Mending is an enchantment which restores durability of an item using Experience Orbs.. Usage []. When an item with the enchantment is held or equipped (in the main hand, offhand, or armor slots), collected experience orbs will repair the item at a rate of 2 durability per XP instead of adding the XP to the player's total experience. If multiple items have the enchantment, one will be chosen at...


It is possible to get mending from an enchantment table, but it is very hard and I would suggest having a very good xp farm as well as using books if you want to get it from an enchantment table. I know people say that it’s a treasure enchantment and you can’t get it from an enchantment table, but I did.


The Mending enchantment is a single level enchantment that can be applied to pretty much anything with durability. It cannot be enchanted onto items with an enchanting table and needs to be found in chests, fished with a fishing rod or sold by librarian villagers.


How to get #Mending in Minecraft 1.14.2, 1.13.2 with #Udisen. If you enjoy this video, please give it a like, sub. If you enjoy this video, please give it a like, sub. It really helps me!


Tutorial How to get Mending in 1.14! (EASY) (self.Minecraft) submitted 2 months ago by Dark_Riptide10. Ladies and Gentlemen Village and Pillage will definitely shake up the “meta” around villager trading but I have great news concerning everyone’s favorite villager Mr. Mender!


Minecraft community on reddit. This enchantment is really well thought out. Rather than just offering free repairs forever as I've seen in some mods, Mending actually has a cost/benefit relationship.


Mending Enchantment? What is this? The Mending enchantment was a new enchantment that is in 1.9. The enchantment uses EXP that the player picks up to increase your items durability. Hence, mending. You can get the enchantment simply by using the default Minecraft enchanting.