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Mildew is a fact of life, however you don't have to suffer its unsightly stains any longer. Mildew stains can pop up just about anywhere, so use these stain removal techniques to stop mold in its tracks. After you identify the stained material, you can f­ollow these tips to erase mildew stains ...


Below you will learn tips and techniques for mildew stain removal and cleaning mildew from fabric, clothing, upholstery, and carpet with step by step instructions. Mildew is a fungus which grows and thrives in areas which are dark, warm and damp.


Mildew is a live, growing organism that can attach to most surfaces including fabrics leaving stains and damage. The fungi can be easily identified as a patch of gray or even white fungus that is lying on the surface of the fabric.


Mildew stain removal is important because mildew can transform a beautifully done room or closet into an ugly setting. Moreover, it can also conduce to various reactions in people such as fatigue, depression, etc. To prevent these unpleasant situations from arising, it is best to undertake a few preventive measures.


Mildew Stains on a Lamp Shade. I have a few mildew stains on a lamp shade. The shades cannot be immersed in water, I have to spot clean them. I have already tried a dish washing soap/water mixture to no avail as well as Oxiclean. I have heard a dishwashing soap and/or bleach might...


Mildew does not discriminate. It can manifest anywhere. So you may have to remove mildew stains from clothes, towels, jackets, upholstered car seats, the car trunk, on basement carpeting, on bathroom tiles, and shower curtains. Mildew Stain Removal from Clothes & Fabrics. Solution 1: 1. Before removing mildew stains, take the item outside and ...


MMR Mold & Mildew stain remover is a MMR Mold & Mildew stain remover is a Professional-grade instant mold and mildew stain remover formulated to quickly and effectively remove mold and mildew stains on wood concrete drywall cinder block fiber cement siding vinyl siding composite decking and other porous surfaces. MMR Mold & Mildew stain remover ...


Vinegar is another very effective product to remove mildew stains from clothing. Moreover, it is a powerful remedy against the smell of mould. Grab a bucket and add a cup of white vinegar per litre of water and leave the stained clothing to soak for an hour or two. Once this time has passed, wash with detergent as usual.


ZEP Commercial 32 oz. Mold stain and Mildew Stain remover is a ready-to-use industrial strength formula that quickly dissolves mold and mildew stain with the power of bleach. This easy to use formula allows you to simply spray and rinse clean.


Dry fabrics in the sun for a natural stain-removing effect. If you're lucky enough to enjoy clear, sunny days where you live, you have an opportunity to remove pesky mildew stains from your fabric with minimal effort.