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Mikimoto pearls are considered by most experts to be the finest cultured pearls in the world. The pearls are the product of exhaustive research and experimentation by pearl expert Kokichi Mikimoto, and his pearls stand alone in beauty and value. Real Mikimoto pearls are relatively rare in the world of pearls, and they are expensive.


Vintage Mikimoto items in good quality have even higher values. The value of Mikimoto pearls depends on the age and condition of the pearls, as well as the type of jewelry. The value of a piece of pearl jewelry is also affected by the size and grade of the pearls as well as the other materials used in the item.


Only the best pearls in the world are destined to become Mikimoto gems. Unwavering dedication to quality pearl jewelry, necklaces, earrings & rings is why Mikimoto is the #1 name in pearls. The originator of cultured pearls, since 1893 - MIKIMOTO US.


I am aware that official dealers for Mikimoto pearl jewelry will give an appraisal of the new jewerly upon purchase. To receive an official Mikimoto Pearl appraisal with the new jewelry, there is a $25 extra charge. But that's for newly purchased jewelry.


Mikimoto Akoya Pearl Necklace. With sterling pearl clasp total of 96 pearls. This necklace is CLEAN with no issues- many photos for your inspection. Vintage Mikimoto Pearl Strand at 32 Inches . $900.00. Buy It Now. or Best Offer. Free Shipping. 13 watching; Mikimoto Pearls. Mikimoto Original Box. Pearls are in very good condition with no real ...


Mikimoto pearl necklaces, strands and pendants are among the most prized jewelry in the world. Adorn yourself in the awe-inspiring luster of Akoya pearls to add a natural touch of class, or make any ensemble more elegant with a Mikimoto Pearls in Motion necklace.


Shop Our Exclusive Mikimoto Jewelry Collection. Today, tomorrow and always, every woman knows that pearl jewelry is the essence of sophistication and style. And Mikimoto Pearl Jewelry represents the highest standards for aesthetics, elegance and quality. Now, Ross-Simons is proud to be recognized as an authorized dealer of Mikimoto Pearl Jewelry.


You can always identify Mikimoto jewelry by our trademark: either the outline of an oyster or the Mikimoto name engraved on every jewel. This can be found on the clasp, ring shank or earring back. Our strands and cultured pearl bracelets are also fitted with a signature (M-circle) logo charm.


The value of any pearl necklace depends on the size, shape, luster and surface of the pearls. If you can show that your necklace is Mikimoto, the buyer will know that the quality is excellent, which should improve the price. By show, I mean you ne...


Pearls tend to hold their value fairly well. The highest quality pearls are quite durable, which is why vintage pearl jewelry continues to be worth a lot of money today. If you invest in pearl jewelry, you will be able to pass it along to future generations in your family, and it can be a beautiful and valuable heirloom piece.