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Modern Mikimoto earrings start around a value of $300, while necklaces can cost upwards of $3,000. Vintage Mikimoto items in good quality have even higher values. The value of Mikimoto pearls depends on the age and condition of the pearls, as well as the type of jewelry...


Mikimoto pearl jewelry always has a small symbol of an oyster stamped on the metal pieces. The name may also be engraved on the piece.


Individuals who wish to sell pearl jewelry at reasonable prices often get the best results by selling through an auction house that specializes in pearl jewelry. Other viable options include selling online through auction websites, selling to specialist dealers or selli...


To clean yellowed cultured pearls, gently immerse and swirl the pearls in either a jewelry cleaner specifically made for use with pearls or warm water and a mild detergent. Rinse the pearls carefully, and lay them to dry on a soft, clean cloth. Allow them to dry complet...


While both natural pearls and cultured pearls are real, their creation is the biggest difference between them. Natural pearls occur in clams and oysters when an irritant, like a grain of sand, gets inside the creatures' shells. For protection, the bivalve coats it with...


A necklace made out of a garland of Hawaiian flowers is called a lei, which is pronounced as "lay." These necklaces are traditionally given to welcome visitors.


Mother of pearl is an iridescent shell that is coated in nacre. A pearl is formed when a freshwater mollusk coats a particle with layers of nacre. Mother of pearl is worth a lot of money in the jewelry market because it is derived from living creatures.