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Microtype 3.0 & Keyboarding Skill Builder Completion Test. Choose the correct home row finger to answer. Use the touch system! Take the test only once.


MicroType (MicroType 4.2.exe). The MicroType software is a keyboarding program that consists of a tutorial, reinforcement activities, educational games, and a word processor. All of these components are combined in one comprehensive package that will help the student to master the basic keyboarding skills.


Keyboarding Schedule of Topics . Microtype Alphabetic Keyboarding Lessons . Microtype Skill Builder Lessons. Microtype Numeric Keyboarding Lessons. Microtype Numeric Key Pad Lessons. Timed Writings -- graded on timed writings after Alphabetic lessons are completed. Each timing must have five or less errors. Memos


MicroType is a program that helps students master basic keyboarding skills, such as correct finger placement on the keyboard, and improve typing speed and accuracy. As of 2015, the latest edition of the program is version 5.0. MicroType features a word processor with a built-in timer, and it provides various typing games, such as Key-A-Shot.


Develop manipulative skills ... MicroType 5 Lessons 1-20 Alphabetic Keyboarding Lessons A-T Keyboarding Skill Builder ... MicroType 5 . Location may vary on individual computers . Click New User . Fill out the Information . Keyboarding I Questions? Title: Keyboarding I


Complete Lesson B in the Keyboarding Skill Builder section of MicroType Pro. Skip the game if needed to be able to complete the module in a timely manner. Complete all other sections of the lesson. Show me your completed lesson for credit (or partial completion by due date).


!Changes to prevent students from typing garbage were made in the following sections: Skill Builder—Sentences and Paragraphs, Skill Builder—Measurement Writing, and Diagnostic Writings. Any word of over 20 characters in length is marked incorrect; the student is told that there are too many errors and is not given credit for completing the ...


This sixth version of MicroType introduces keyboarding and skillbulding reinforcement—and combines document checking using CheckPro along with Microsoft® Office 2013. Features Separate versions for Century 21 Computer Skills and Application 10e and Century 21 Digital Information Management 10e, and Century 21 Jr. Computer Application 3e ...


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Picture Game Answers A Bird in the Hand. A Picture is worth a Thousand Words. A Tale of Two Cities. Basketball Star. Bill Clinton. Calm before the Storm. Don’t Count Your Chickens. Don’t Rock the Boat. Final Exams. Football Star. Gone with the Wind. Grand Canyon. Here today, gone tomorrow. Home is where the heart is. Jungle Book. Keep your ...