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×Keyboarding Online Services Restored. The system is back online. Teachers and students can use the program like they normally would. If you are running into issues logging in, or it appears scores are not saving, try doing a "hard refresh" or clearing your browser cache.


MicroType (MicroType 4.2.exe). The MicroType software is a keyboarding program that consists of a tutorial, reinforcement activities, educational games, and a word processor. All of these components are combined in one comprehensive package that will help the student to master the basic keyboarding skills.


Microtype 3.0 & Keyboarding Skill Builder Completion Test. Choose the correct home row finger to answer. Use the touch system! Take the test only once.


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MicroType Pro is a software program we will be working with the entire semester. It was created to teach you the proper finger positions for the keyboard, increase speed and accuracy, and basic posture and technique to prepare you for working in the 21 st century! When you come in to class, you will login to MicroType and spend between 20 and 30


MicroType. Training. TimeSavers. Showcase. Services. Links. Resources. About. Home. One-Hour Webinars. Free; no fluff, no hype, no nonsense; starting 10am PT. June 4: Better PDFs with FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers [details/registration] June 11: Authoring PDF Forms with FrameMaker + Form Assistant [details/registration]


SCALES AND GOALS: Keyboarding Cycle. STANDARDS: 01.01 Develop keyboarding skills to enter and manipulate text and data. 01.03 Identify and describe types of file systems and classify common file extensions based on software application programs used in the workplace environment. 01.09 Demonstrate proficiency with file management and structure ...


Live Online Training. Instructor-led, web-based courses (3.5-4 hour sessions, including 2 short breaks); scheduled hours adjusted to fit participants' time zones; group size is typically 2-4 participants; dates may be adjusted in case of scheduling conflicts. [registration form]


This sixth version of MicroType introduces keyboarding and skillbulding reinforcement—and combines document checking using CheckPro along with Microsoft® Office 2013. Features Separate versions for Century 21 Computer Skills and Application 10e and Century 21 Digital Information Management 10e, and Century 21 Jr. Computer Application 3e ...


MicroType 6 with CheckPro is a combination software program for keyboarding instruction and document checking. MicroType 6 includes touch-typing instruction for alphabetic and numeric keyboarding and the numeric keypad, skill-building activities, games, motivating graphics, and a word processor with built-in timer.