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MicroType is a software program that teaches typing skills. The software uses a combination of tutorials, reinforcement activities and educational games to teach basic keyboarding skills.


MicroType is a program that helps students master basic keyboarding skills, such as correct finger placement on the keyboard, and improve typing speed and accuracy. As of 2015, the latest edition of the program is version 5.0.


A licensed CD-ROM or diskette of MicroType is available on Amazon.com for both Windows and Mac. A demo of MicroType is available on the official website at MicroType.SWLearning.com. SWLearning has since released the more fully featured MicroType 4 and MicroType 5. Altho...


The modern keyboard is not arranged in alphabetical order because millions of users have already learned the QWERTY keyboard layout, which is named after the first six letters in the top row of keys. The reason behind the development of the QWERTY layout as opposed to a...


The origins of the QWERTY keyboard arrangement can be traced to 1868 when the inventor of the typewriter, Christopher Sholes, devised a way to prevent the jamming of typebars in mechanical printers by separating the most commonly used letter combinations. Its name is a ...


The term "food alphabet" refers to an alphabetical list of foods, generally one food per letter, and is most commonly used to teach children letters and food word identification. Variations of these alphabets exist that include numerous foods for each letter.


The Alphabet of Lines is a list of line symbols that engineers use in technical drawings to communicate specific shapes, sizes or surfaces. The lines and symbols used in the Alphabet of Lines are universal, which means engineers around the world use and understand them.