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View version history from within a Microsoft Office document. If you are working with a Microsoft Office document, such as a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file, you can view version history from the app view rather than returning to the list or library to view the history.


The first version of Word was a 16 bits PC-DOS/MS-DOS application. A Macintosh 68000 version named Word 1.0 was released in 1985 and a Microsoft Windows was released in 1989. The three products shared the same Microsoft Word name, the same version numbers but were very different products built on different code bases.


Microsoft Office automatically saves versions of your SharePoint, OneDrive, and OneDrive for Business files while you’re working on them. These versions allow you to look back and understand how your files evolved over time and allow you to restore older versions in case you have made a mistake.


The update history information for version 16.16 and earlier also applies to Office 2016 for Mac, which is also a version of Office for Mac that’s available as a one-time purchase. Older versions up to and including 16.16 can be activated with an Office 2016 for Mac volume license.


This is a history of Microsoft Office and its versions. ... Word 1, etc. The first version of Microsoft Office was announced on Super Bowl Sunday, January 1985. August 1, 1990 Office 1.1 Word 3, etc. 1992 Office 2 Word 4, etc. 1993 Office 3 Word 5, Excel 4, PowerPoint 3, etc.


The first version of Microsoft Word was based on the framework of Bravo, the world's first word processor with a graphical user interface. Following the renaming of Multi-Tool Word to Microsoft Word, Microsoft released its first version of Word in October 1983 for the IBM PC.


Complete revision history of a word document A sends a word doc to B of which property has been modified: The creation date and the author, for example, have been changed to suit a certain purpose. And B downloads the doc to his computer, then sends to C .


Microsoft Word For MS-DOS – Pre Windows Era. The history of MS Office starts officially from November 19, 1990, when Office for Windows (also called MS Office 1.0) came out for use with Windows ...


in Word Document, is there a way to go back in time so that it shows you all the diferent saved versions, kind of like how you can view the Doc history in Google Doc? microsoft-word share | improve this question


Versions of Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is 27 years old. According to Wikipedia, Microsoft Word was released upon an unsuspecting public on 25 October 1983. It's now up to version 14. Not that there have been 14 versions. There were early numbering inconsistencies (versions 1, 2 and then 6 in the 1980s and 1990s).