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Some Microsoft Office apps available for the iPhone include Word, OneNote and OneDrive. From word processing to note taking and cloud storage, these productivity apps offer practical services for iPhone users.


As of 2015, Microsoft Word 2003 and other Microsoft Office applications from the same year are no longer available to purchase or download legally from Microsoft or elsewhere. In addition, Microsoft no longer offers updates or support to many older programs, including W...


To download Microsoft Word 2013, go to the Buy section of Products.Office.com, click Looking for standalone Office applications, and click Buy now for the Word product. To use Word for a trial period, click Learn more and select Try now on the next page.


Microsoft Office Word 2010 can be downloaded from Products.Office.com, the official Microsoft Office website. As of 2015, available downloads of Word include a free trial and a full unlimited version that must be purchased at the time of download.


Because Microsoft has discontinued its Works word processor, it is no longer possible to download the application. However, Microsoft still develops word processors. As of 2015, Office 265 is the latest version of Microsoft's office suit and includes a word processor ca...


Microsoft does not provide a free download of its Word program but offers a free trial for both home and business use. Users can get the Word 2016 software as part of an Office 365 subscription.


Microsoft Word is bundled in many computers and is also available for download and purchase through Microsoft's website or through a variety of retailers and wholesalers when purchasing the program CDs. Some versions of Microsoft Word available for download offer a free...