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Microsoft shut down its Clip Art and image library in December 2014, and replaced it with the Bing Image Search service. This service returns images that have Creative Commons licenses in its search results and provides links to the image sources.


Microsoft removed clip art from Windows because the images have become increasingly outdated in comparison to online image search engines, which can aggregate better quality images that are more up-to-date. The company suggests using a Bing image search as an alternative to clip art.


Microsoft clip art is a collection of over 135,000 images, as of 2014, that people copy and use for their personal use or business communications. The collection consists of drawings and photos of various items and people.


Microsoft recommends searching through Bing to find clip art. At one point, a clip art database was offered directly through Microsoft, but that was eliminated in 2015.


Microsoft clip art is available online on Bing by searching for a keyword and selecting Images. Select Clipart from the Type drop-down menu. Select the required license from the License drop down menu. Clip art photos can then be downloaded and used in documents.


To find free clip art images to use in Microsoft Office products, go to Bing.com, click on the Images option, then type what you are looking for in the Search field. Since you are interested in clip art images, be sure to include the words "clip art" to the search.


Most free clip art sources provide licensing information and terms of use that grant specific permissions and detail allowable uses for the available clip art. As of September 2015, websites like OpenClipArt.com and 4FreePhotos.com offer clip art that is free for private or commercial use.


Free clip art is created and made available through the Fotor.com website and the AngieMakes.com website. OpenClipArt.org users also create and distribute free clip art that users can browse, download and use.


Two popular websites for free clip art in 2015 are Clkr and Openclipart, both of which offer a library of images that can be used on websites and in documents. There are many other websites that offer free clip art images for personal and commercial use.


To make clip art, first find a photograph of the image you want to use. Open a blank document in Illustrator, and load your image. Choose the menu from the Layers Palette, and then choose Template. Create a new layer, and choose the Pen Tool from the toolbar. Trace the image's main features. Use col