In microscopy, magnification refers to the enlargement of the object being studied, while resolving power pertains to the capacity of an optical medium, such as a lens, to distinguish between proximate objects as distinc... More »

To determine the total magnification of an image viewed through a microscope, multiply the power of the eyepiece or ocular lens by the power of the objective lens. If the magnification power of the ocular lens is 10x and... More »

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The main difference between SD memory cards and XD memory cards pertains to capacity and speed. Generally, SD memory cards have a greater capacity and faster speed than XD memory cards, according to Photo Technique. More »

A macro lens is a specialized camera lens that is capable of reproducing a life-sized image of an object on the recording medium; therefore, in the case of photography, this medium is the image sensor. A true macro lens ... More » Technology

The ability of objects to float, or buoyancy, comes from relative densities of the object and the fluid medium, whether it is water, air, or another liquid. When an object is immersed in fluid, it displaces an equivalent... More »

A primary key is a unique identifier for a discrete object on a table, and a secondary key provides a second reference point for objects whose primary keys do not adequately distinguish them for reference purposes. The t... More »