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Microclimates can also refer to purpose-made environments, such as those in a room or other enclosure. Microclimates are commonly created and carefully maintained in museum display and storage environments. This can be done using passive methods, such as silica gel, or with active microclimate control devices.


Microclimates can also be colder than the general area. For example, if a piece of land sits down in a low spot (at the foot of hills), cold air may settle there. On nights when you have a frost warning in your area, these are often the spots that get hit worst with the frost. Any tender plants that you have growing there may be damaged by the ...


Microclimates exist, for example, near bodies of water which may cool the local atmosphere, or in heavily urban areas where brick, concrete, and asphalt absorb the sun's energy, heat up, and reradiate that heat to the ambient air: the resulting urban heat island is a kind of microclimate.


A microclimate, as shown by science, is a place in the world that has a local set of atmospheric conditions that differ from the rest of the areas surrounding the place. These differences may be slight or substantial depending on a wide range of factors such as the aspect of a given region.


Microclimates appear all over the world, and they provide wonderful opportunities for us to experience the best environments that nature has to offer. The article above was submitted to us by an ...


Microclimates are more prominent in the western US. Besides highland climates, the best examples I can think of in the eastern US are climates affected by lake effect snow and climates with huge amounts of coastal influence. For example: Buffalo gets 95 inches of snow per year while Toronto gets 43 inches.


A microclimate is the climate of a small and restricted area that differs from the climate of its larger surrounding area. An example of a microclimate is the Olympic peninsula in Washington.


The effect of microclimates in Delaware. With all the water, wind and generally flat terrain, the First State is home to many areas with their own weather


Microclimates occur in most large cities due to the urbanization effect that buildings bring about. In addition, regions of the country with bodies of water or mountains may contain "pockets." These climatic pockets mirror warmer or cooler zones than the surrounding region.


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