In order to process your customer's order, we must have an actual sample of your check with the correct MICR line or this MICR specification sheet filled out.

MICR is an acronym for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition; which allows financial ... It is the combination of Toner and Fonts that create the machine readable MICR line. ... in order to print MICR documents that meet banking specifications.

The links below provide you with a Magnetic Ink Printing Specifications (MICR) Spec Sheet. This information is to be provided to your check printer when ...

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR). Specification Sheet. Personal Check. E-13-B ... Line will be printed with approved magnetic ink in accordance with.

MICR (magnetic ink cartridge recognition), refers to the formulation of toner used to print the ... The checks are then sorted based on the MICR line information.

9 All documents must conform to the specifications on this sheet as well as to those ... must match the check number or serial number printed in the MICR line.

The following figure shows a check with a MICR line. ..... Do not use cut-sheet check paper that was converted from ... from these sheets for MICR processing.

This chapter briefly overview the placement requirement for MICR line. ... The data inside the field is usually left-aligned and filled with spaces to the right.

Feb 11, 2003 ... printer and allows a document having MICR data on it to be read and .... The format of the MICR line must conform to the standards set forth by ...

To avoid possible conflict with post-encoded data in amount field, no magnetic ink data should be pre- printed in postion 13. AMOUNT (1 - 12). (Encoded by the  ...