According to the Board of Cosmetologists and Aestheticians in Massachusetts, the cost to renew a cosmetology license in the state is $68 every two years. How much it costs to renew a cosmetology license varies by each st... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

Exactly how long a cosmetology license lasts will vary based on state laws, but two years is common among many states. For example, the Division of Professional Regulation in Delaware states that cosmetology licenses exp... More »

Requirements for getting a cosmetology license vary by state, but the minimum requirements often include the person being at least 18, having at least a high school diploma or its equivalent and graduating from an approv... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

To apply for a cosmetology license renewal, submit an application for license renewal along with appropriate fees and documents on or before the license expiration date. Renewals are done online or by mail, based upon st... More » Business & Finance Careers

In states that allow online license renewals, renew a cosmetology license by visiting the state's professional licensing website and filling out the required forms. Cosmetology licenses are issued by individual states, a... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Every state has different requirements for obtaining a cosmetology license, which usually include completing coursework at a cosmetology school and receiving a passing score on a written test. Because each state is diffe... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Start a mobile hairdressing business by getting a cosmetology license, which is usually given after passing an examination offered in your state. Next, register your business with the secretary of state's office, get an ... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations