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Creating a Web Browser-Style MFC Application. The MFC Application Wizard generates the appropriate classes and files for any of these types of applications, depending on the options you select in the wizard. To create an MFC application using the MFC Application Wizard. Follow the instructions in the help topic Create a C++ console app project ...


The MFC Application Wizard generates an application that, when compiled, implements the basic features of a Windows executable (.exe) application. The MFC starter application includes C++ source (.cpp) files, resource (.rc) files, header (.h) files, and a project (.vcxproj) file. The code that is generated in these starter files is based on MFC.


An MFC application is based upon the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) Library and is an executable Windows application. According to Microsoft, using the MFC Application Wizard is easiest when creating an MFC application. As of 2014, Visual Studio Express editions do not support MFC projects.





Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC) is a C++ object-oriented library for developing desktop applications for Windows.. MFC was introduced by Microsoft in 1992 and quickly gained widespread use. While Microsoft has introduced alternative application frameworks since then, MFC remains widely used.


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This sample demonstrates how to host a WinForm user control as a dialog or a view in an MFC application. The sample is comprised of three MFC extension dlls, two WinForm user controls, and one main MFC MDI app: EXTDLL1 – Uses CWinFormsView to host the WinFormUserControlView1 user control as a CView window inside the MFC MDI app.


MFC reacts by calling PostQuitMessage(0) to exit the message pump. (Actually, MFC does the call in OnNcDestroy() since WM_NCDESTROY which is the absolute last mesage received by a window) Dialog-based app. Call EndDialog(-1); // Or replace -1 by IDCANCEL, whatever. This call, as you probably know, will close the dialog.


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