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The result of the Mexican American War was the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, which stated that Mexico had to give up land to the United States, including Texas. That land now makes up the states of California, Utah and Nevada, as well as parts of Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Arizona. The


Mexican city maps are available online at Lonely Planet and Mexonline.com, while hard-copy maps are available at tourist information offices in larger cities, such as Acapulco and Mexico City. Lonely Planet, an established travel guide firm, has a Maps of Mexico page listing their available city map


Maps of Mexico are available on the MapsOfWorld.com, World Atlas and University of Texas Library websites. Anyone can view the maps for free in browser, and many of them can be downloaded and printed from personal computers.


A map of Mexico can be viewed on the Mex Online website. Mex Online is touted as the most trusted and oldest guide to the North American country on the Internet.


Geology.com and MapsofWorld.com offer a range of static maps of New Mexico for viewing online, while NewMexico.org and MapQuest.com offer online interactive maps of the state, as of 2015. MapofUS.com also offers a range of New Mexico maps including historical state maps.


The most notable changes in Mexico after the revolution were arguably the rise of the National Revolutionary Party known in modern times as the Institutional Revolutionary Party, the end of the feudal hacienda system, the introduction of industrial capitalist and agrarian socialist policies such as


Sites like Map Sales, Amazon and National Geographic Maps all offer tube, wall and atlas maps of Mexico and other countries, states and cities from all around the world in a variety of sizes and print styles. These sites let users search through databases of maps, and then customize the type and siz


Several companies publish annual road atlases for Mexico, such as Guia Roji and National Geographic. Rand McNally includes an overview of Mexico's major roads in some of its annual atlases, but none has detailed maps of all the country's roads, as of 2015.


CountyMapsNewMexico.net offers a list of all county seats and cities in New Mexico. Click on each county name to view a detailed map of that specific county with a breakdown of each city in the county and their locations.


The differences between Mexican and American culture include family, religion, education, nationalism, personal sensitivity, personal appearance and status. Although Mexico and America share a continent, Mexico is a different country that speaks a different language. Mexico has a different history,