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The New Mexico state flag features a dark yellow background with a red Zia sun in the middle. A symbol of the Zia Pueblo Indians, the sun features a circle in the middle with four sets of four rays coming out of the circle in each of the cardinal directions.


Mexico is situated in North America between the United States and Central America, occupying roughly 760,000 square miles. Neighboring bodies of water include the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Gulf of Mexico to the east.


The Mexican flag is composed of three equal-sized vertical stripes in green, white and red, with the white field featuring a caracara on the Mexican coat of arms. The caracara is a type of eagle and it is depicted on the flag with a snake in its beak.


The earth does not have a universally recognized flag. Although many organizations have come up with designs that represent the whole planet, they have not gained popularity outside of these organizations. However, an Earth Day flag, which was designed by John McConnell...


The name of the American flag is "Stars and Stripes." The American flag has a long and interesting history beginning in 1775 when American ships in New England waters flew a flag that they deemed the "Liberty Flag."


The American flag is typically referred to simply as "the American flag;" however, it was originally named "the Stars and Stripes" when first approved in 1777. The flag initially had 13 stars and 13 stripes to represent the number of colonies at the time, but both the a...


The American flag was created to inspire national unity and create a separate identity from Britain. It was created in the midst of the Revolutionary War, a period during which it was very important for the Americans to distance themselves from Britain.