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The result of the Mexican American War was the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, which stated that Mexico had to give up land to the United States, including Texas. That land now makes up the states of California, Utah and Nevada, as well as parts of Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Arizona. The


Replacements Ltd., as of June 2014, lists the 1847 Rogers Brothers silverware pattern "First Love," made of an electroplated silver, at prices from $6.99 for a teaspoon to $23.99 for a salad fork. Prices vary according to location and the number of pieces in a collection.


The 1847 stamped on the mark of Rogers Brothers International Silver Co stands for the year the company was founded, not the manufacture year of a particular piece of flatware. International Silver absorbed Rogers Brothers in 1898. The silver is most likely low-value silver-plate; sterling silver fl


1847 Roger Bros First Love, produced in 1937, is a pattern of silver-plated flatware and serving pieces. In 1840, electroplating silver over a lesser metal became a popular trend. In 1847, the Roger brothers perfected the technique and marked their product with their name.


In 1847, Tom Smith, a British inventor, introduced Christmas crackers, or sparklers, to citizens in the United Kingdom and eventually other locations around the world. Like many inventions, Smith created the cracker inadvertently, when he added a final element of a chemical reaction to his sugary su


Edgar Allen Poe's wife, Virginia, died in Fordham, New York, in 1847. Ill for many months, she finally succumbed to tuberculosis in January. She died at home in their Bronx cottage.


Mexican cuisine centers on corn, chili peppers, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products like cream and cheese, and a variety of meats. Some of the most famous Mexican foods are tacos, enchiladas, tortillas and salsa.


Mexican cuisine varies by region, but common dishes include corn tortillas, tacos and tortas, a Mexican sandwich. Mexicans eat a lot of meat, including beef, chicken, pork and seafood along the coastal regions. Mayan dishes are common in the southern tip of Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula.


The Mexican-American War was fought from 1846-1848 and saw the United States win a decisive victory and expand its western lands to the Pacific coast. A conflict that occurred as the result of Mexican resentment over the US annexation of Texas and a border dispute, the Mexican-American War represent


The Mexican-American War had long lasting effects for the United States and planted the seeds for the Civil War. Previous Page | Contents In 1847, with the conflict still raging, Secretary of State James Buchanan suggested that President James K. Polk send an emissary to Mexico to assist in bringing