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Rich and creamy, there's no denying this Velveeta Cheese and Potato Soup is one of the ultimate comfort foods to enjoy during the cold weather months. If you like your soups full of flavor with great texture too, try this easy recipe.


"A spicy and delicious soup given to me by my mother. She got the recipe from a friend who grew up in Louisiana. To save effort, a bag of hash brown potatoes may be substituted for the shredded potatoes. You may also add some crumbled up bacon to the soup. Add more or less potatoes depending on your soup preferences.


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Combine the bouillon cubes, water, ... cream of chicken soup and 1 can of water, add 1 pound Velveeta cheese, cubed.Heat until the cheese is melted.


Home > Recipes > potato mexican velveeta. Tip: Try mexican velveeta for more results. About 14 results for potato mexican velveeta. ... Slice Mexican Velveeta (mild) cheese on top. (Salt ... to steaming until vegetables and meat previously placed in pot are done. ... MEXICAN POTATO SOUP. In large pot cook bacon ... medium high heat until ...


I added 5 chicken boullion cubes to the cooking water for the potatoes to give it a bit more flavor. I used 12 oz of Velveeta as called for in the recipe, but I subbed some spicy chipotle Velveeta that I had for about 4 oz of that cheese. It gave the soup a nice little kick. Mashing the finished soup with a potato masher helped to thicken it up.


I prefer to skip the Mexican Velveeta and queso cheese sauce and just use a 4 lb. block of white Velveeta blancho but the store I was at didn't carry it so I substituted but it is still so cheesy and good either way you make it. ... 3 photos of Queso Cheese Potato Soup Recipe. ... How to Make Queso Cheese Potato Soup . Step-by-Step .


A recipe for Velveeta cheese potato soup consists of onions sautéed in butter, and potatoes boiled in water and milk. The recipe also contains undiluted, condensed cream of chicken soup, salt, pepper and Velveeta or other processed cheese.


When I first came across the recipe for this Mexican Cheese Soup, I knew it had potential, but I had to make changes to it several times before I felt like it was good enough to share with you. It wasn't until I switched out the cheddar cheese for Velveeta cheese, that I finally got the result that