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Mexican citizens can get U.S. passports only if they are also U.S. citizens, as submitting evidence of U.S. citizenship is one of the obligatory steps in applying for a U.S. passport, reports the U.S. Department of State. Mexican citizens can become U.S. citizens by birth or through naturalization,


To obtain a U.S. passport for the first time, applicants submit form DS-11 along with the fee, a valid photo ID and proof of citizenship. An up-to-date photo that adheres to all size, material and camera-view specifications is also required, and first-time applicants must deliver all documents in pe


Mexican passports are issued by the Mexican consulate at 1210 River Bend Drive in Dallas, Texas. Paperwork proving Mexican citizenship is required to receive a passport from the consulate.


A passport is a document issued by the government of a country certifying an individual is a citizen of that country, About.com explains. Passports allow people to exit and enter their country of citizenship and travel to other countries.


U.S. passports are valid for ten years if the passport holder was 16 or older when he obtained his passport and for five years if the passport holder was 15 or younger at that time. The front of a passport card or the data page of a passport book shows the issue and expiration dates.


In order to travel outside the United States, a passport is necessary and to get a passport, the U.S. passport application must be completed and submitted. The form, DS-11: Application for a U.S. Passport, is available at a passport application acceptance facility or passport agency, and it can also


To enter Mexico, all U.S. citizens must have undamaged passports or passport cards that are valid for at least six months. Additionally, all travelers going beyond the Mexican border zone must obtain entry permits called Forma Migratoria Multiple, or FMM, at or just inside the border. Travelers must


Travelers to Mexico from the United States must present a U.S. passport that is valid for at least six months with one blank page for entry stamp. Passports may not be accepted if they are damaged, mutilated or washed. Tourists must also present travel visas to Mexican immigration before entering th


Those obtaining a U.S. passport are required to submit an application, present current identification and proof of U.S. citizenship, provide an acceptable passport photo, and pay the fee, reports the U.S. Department of State. Parents must appear in person with children 16 and under and consent to th


According to the U.S. Department of State, passport applicants need proof of citizenship, photo identification, a current passport photo, the appropriate fee and have form DS-11 completed. First time applicants must apply in person at a passport agency or passport acceptance facility.