Metric tons of crude oil can be converted to barrels by multiplying total tonnage by 7.33. The conversion rate for crude oil is an approximation because it is based on the worldwide average gravity of crude oil. Refined ... More »

There are approximately 358 U.S. gallons per metric ton. According to conversion tables at the Iowa State University website, 1 United States gallon is equal to 0.002791 metric tons. Conversely, there are 1/0.002791 gall... More »

There are 31.75 gallons in 1 ton of water. A ton is equal to 2,000 pounds and each gallon is composed of 8.33 pounds; a gallon measures the amount of liquid volume of a substance while a ton measures the true weight of a... More »

Metric thread charts contain information regarding the internal and external diameter of the bolt or nut, the thread's spacing and the thread's minimum and maximum pitch. It also contains the ISO metric thread profile. More » Science Measurements

Converters 360 and Metric Conversions provide tables to convert inches to centimeters. Both websites allow users to enter a starting value and to pick the increments that the inches increase by on the table. More » Science Measurements

In the U.S., there are 7.33 barrels in a metric ton. There are 42 U.S. gallons in a barrel. Oil companies registered on the New York Stock Exchange report their oil production results in thousands of barrels, written as ... More »

To convert board-feet to tons, use the conversion factor of one board-foot to one ton which, is 0.0023172750963701. Multiply this number with any volume in board-feet, and you will get the weight in tons. For example, if... More »