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A frosting spatula is also known as palette knife and is usually made of metal or plastic. Bowl and plate scrapers are sometimes called spatulas. British English usage. In British English a spatula is similar in shape to a palette knife, without holes, in a flexible or detachable blade. It is used in medical examinations, for holding down the ...


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What Is the Use of a Spatula in a Laboratory? Spatulas are used for measuring solids, moving objects and scraping material out of beakers. ... These spatulas are normally all metal with a smaller putty knife like end and the other end is more tapered for accessing smaller areas. You may seem spatulas that have a wooden handle and a wider metal ...


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Spatulas are usually made of plastic or metal, but wooden, rubber and silicone ones are also sometimes used. Metal spatulas generally have a wood or plastic handle to insulate them from the heat. A spatula is essential for many types of cooking. They are especially needed when frying foods that need to be flipped.


A good metal spatula is an essential component of any cook's toolkit. Often referred to as a turner or flipper—likely to avoid confusion with thicker silicone spatulas that are used to fold and scrape—it's used to flip or transfer foods whenever we're working with metal cook- or bakeware. (When ...


Aside from metal fish spatulas, we also looked at plastic spatulas for use on nonstick cookware. When cooking with nonstick pans, it’s important to only use plastic, wood, or silicone utensils to avoid scratching the coating on the pan. Like metal spatulas, the best plastic spatulas have a thin edge that can slip under foods.


Metal spatulas are most often made for lifting, turning, serving, and spreading food toppings. The size or shape of the spatula will often be indicative of the type of process that best fits the purpose of the spatula. Narrow width spatulas are typically used to apply frostings or spreads, and to access small openings or move easily around ...


A spatula is used to flip food, or to mix or spread food. Despite having two very distinct designs, they are both called spatulas. Spatulas are versatile kitchen tools that are essential to being a successful cook.


I would put the nonstick performance of my never-been-re-seasoned 13.25 inch lodge up against any cast iron skillet, and the reason for that amazing surface is the use of a metal spatula. Not any metal spatula, but the right one. Here's what to look for in the best spatula for cast iron: