Several factors played a part in the development of early civilizations in Mesopotamia, but the most important factor was its location. Mesopotamia is situated between two very fertile rivers, which allowed agriculture t... More »

Mesopotamia is called the cradle of civilization because the development of agriculture, including the domestication of animals, began there 8,000 years ago, before any other civilization. The advances in the region led ... More »

Mesopotamia refers to the ancient land that was located in the eastern Mediterranean region. This area of land was bounded by the Zagros Mountains in the northeast and was the Arabian Plateau in the southeast. More » Geography

Some of civilization's first cities were founded by the Sumerian people in Mesopotamia, which is located in the valley between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. In Mesopotamia, women were wives and mothers and took care o... More »

The king's role in ancient Mesopotamia was to keep order in a world of many threats and in the context of an extremely pessimistic worldview. With constant dangers of floods and drought, kings had to protect the people i... More »

Society in ancient Mesopotamia was primarily male-dominated. As one of the world's first urban centers, however, the role played by men changed from one in which they would no longer be focused strictly on tribe and fami... More »

Information on the type of government in Mesopotamia can be found on the website The form of government in Mesopotamia was monarchy. However, the king did not enjoy absolute power, as there was a cou... More » History Ancient History Mesopotamia