Merlot is a dry red wine that is usually characterized by violet, cherry, orange and plum flavors. It contains less tannins than other types of dry red wines, including Cabernet Sauvignon, which means it can be harvested... More »

Some of the highest-rated merlot wines are the Tenuta dell'Ornellaia 2007 Masseto merlot, La Macchiole 2007 Messorio merlot and Mt. Brave 2008 merlot, according to Wine Enthusiast. Another highly rated merlot is the Fatt... More » Food Beverages Wine

One of the sweetest red wines is port wine, which originated in the country of Portugal. This type of wine is often paired with desserts that are rich and made with chocolate. More »

Merlot and pinot noir wines come from different grape varietals, and their flavors are notably different with merlot having a much softer taste than the poignant flavors that mark the pinot noir. Also, pinot noir varieti... More »

Some good dry red wines to use for cooking include merlot, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, shiraz and cabernet franc, according to Bon Appetit. When choosing the type of wine to cook with, it's important to consider the ... More » Food Beverages Wine

Merlot and Shiraz are red wine varietals that differ in body, flavor profile and growing locations. Merlot tends to be fruit-forward and smooth, while Shiraz tends to be earth-forward with more tannins. More »

Although merlot and cabernet are both types of red wine, they are actually made from different types of grapes. The chief difference between merlot and cabernet are their taste profiles: Merlot is smoother and more palat... More »