Merchandising managers supervise the selection, purchase and marketing of goods in a retail store. They interact with vendors and decide which items to purchase for the store’s inventory. While some managers make purchas... More »

A business manager oversees the activities of workers, hires, trains and evaluates new employees, and/or makes sure that a company is on track to meet financial goals. Further, the business manager sees that all workers ... More »

The standard job description for a general manager may include responsibilities such as hiring and training new managers, overseeing the operations of a specific department or segment of the company, developing budgets f... More »

A merchandising coordinator plans, directs and manages the purchase of finished goods for later resale in a retail store or a chain of retail stores. Merchandising coordinators are also known as merchandise managers, pur... More »

Merchandising managers, also known as purchasing managers, are tasked with buying finished goods for the intention of reselling them to consumers. Managers who work for large companies might specialize in a specific type... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

Retail sales associates work on the floor in a retail store, asking customers questions and recommending product solutions. Sales associates are common in department stores, category specialists and specialty retailers. ... More »

A campaign manager coordinates all areas of a political campaign, including budget, technology, human resources, scheduling, marketing and fund raising. A campaign manager must possess good judgment and have excellent co... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations