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Parity rights granted U.S. citizens and Filipinos equal rights in regard to using the natural resources of the Philippines. These parity rights were created through an amendment of the Philippine Constitution, called the Parity Amendment, which was voted through on Marc...


Even parity and odd parity both refer to asynchronous communication parity checking modes; even parity sets an extra bit to 1 if the data item already has an odd number of "1" bits or to 0 if the number of "1" bits is even, while odd parity checking does the same but le...


Mental health is a circumstance of psychological welfare in which a person understands his capabilities and possesses adequate coping mechanisms for everyday stress. Mental health also means working in a productive manner and contributing to one's community, according t...


The difference between physical health and mental health is physical health is only the condition of the body, while mental health is a general state of well-being that allows a person to function in a productive way, according to OptumHealth New Mexico. Physical health...


Mental health codes are diagnostic codes from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, according to MHReference. Code 308.3 stands for acute stress disorder, while code 295.20 stands for catatonic schizophrenia in the DSM 5.


Some examples of mental health terms are "anxiety disorder," "bipolar mood disorder," "delusion," "depression" and "mental illness," explains Mental Wellness Today. Other examples are "outpatient care," "psychosis," "psychotherapy" and "psychiatry."


One way to document mental health is the mental status exam. This exam allows clinicians to record important mental functions and behaviors of their patients at a specific point in time, according to NetCE.