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Tattoo galleries can be found at Tattoo Design and Check Out My Ink. These resources have a number of tattoos in a variety of colors and designs.


Galleries of female tattoo art are available from Free Tattoo Designs and Girl-Tattoos.com. Tattoo Johnny is another source for female tattoo art galleries and ideas.


To use Windows Photo Gallery, import photos and videos from external devices by accessing the Import Photos and Videos dialog box and selecting the desired files. Once the import is complete, use the editing tools to adjust colors, apply visual effects or resize the pho...


As of August 2014, snake tattoo photos are available at Tattoo Johnny and Tattoo Easily. The galleries feature both animated versions of snakes and snake tattoos that look similar to the actual animal.


Create a photo gallery website with special tools and design packages on certain types of website platforms or by creating HTML code to process the images. Some websites also offer options to upload images and create a gallery or create custom code from a series of imag...


As of 2016, TattoosMe.com, FreeTattooDesigns.org, TattooTon.com, GetTattooIdeas.com and DesignATattoo.com have galleries of dragon tattoos. These sites feature pictures of actual tattoos on male and female bodies and some include drawings of dragon tattoo ideas.


To update your photo gallery, use the Windows Essentials updater if Windows Photo Gallery indicates the availability of updates. Alternatively, use the Windows Essentials Web installer to update the photo gallery to the latest build.