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What Makes a Man Wear Women's Flats? by katiem2. ... Vinsy, Jeff, Bob, David, Gary, Great to hear from you all, I feel men can wear women's flats now, wear them and act yourself. The_Blackrose on 09/27/2017 Neither. I don't wear "women's" ballet flats. I wear ballet slippers, the real ones like the dancers wear.


Yes. A guy can look good wearing ballet flats. Here’s a photo of a man with his collection of ballet flats. He’s got them in a variety of colors including some bolder colors like yellow and orange. I see no reason why a guy can’t look good in ball...


Of course, some men who wear women's shoes in public are much less lucky than the businessman in the story to the left. He was only glimpsed by an understanding fellow member of the public. But a man in Hartland ran into some trouble when the police pulled him over for suspiciously bad driving.


Men Who Wear Women's Flats. by katiem2. As flats continue to remain on the fashion forefront men are realizing the comfort and fashion flare of the versatile flat for themselves. Come along and enjoy a flat extravaganza. ... Men Can Wear Women's Flats If there ever was a unisex shoe flats are it.


It isn't gay to wear flats. I have over 40 pairs of flats and I have 1 box of men shoes because for work, I'm not going there with those! People who says it's gay just hate to see men wearing it and have negative behavior towards it. I'll say go ahead! Spend your money on them! Nothing will be wrong! If someone calls you gay, just ignore them.


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I agree on it It's certain men shoes to gravitate too. On the other hand women's shoes are much nicer. I would like to wear flats or heels. The only thing I worry about dogs being on he loose. I can picture a woman in type of shoes can run without slipping. 16 months ago Smitty5519 says:


How can a guy pull off wearing ballet flats? (self.femalefashionadvice) ... unless your specific goal is to wear women's clothing, i wouldn't wear ballet flats because i just don't think they're nice enough to be worth getting hassled over. ... i see effeminate men (no offense intended) rocking a skinny jean and female loafer all the time. i ...


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This Site Might Help You. RE: Why do some men like wearing women's shoes? I have a friend who is straight, has a girlfriend who he shares an active sex life with, but he likes to wear women's high heels in the privacy of his own home.