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Re: Alert! Melling M55 series oil pump problems 09-08-06 12:34 PM - Post# 999055 In response to loudpedal Well I am glad I read that info as solid mounted or not I would rather have a pump I know I can rely on and know the ones I cant.


Melling M55HV Oil Pump has been added to your Cart Include Add a Protection Plan: ... There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. SSG Sexton, (Ret.) 4.0 out of 5 stars Order a New Intermediate Shaft with Attached Steel Sleeve too.


In the dirt track world Melling pumps have always been the industry standard. At the start of the 2006 season a racer that we supplied an M55HV to (sold in late 2005, engine assmebled in early 2006) lost an engine due to an oiling problem.


Find Melling High-Volume Oil Pumps M-55HV and get ! Melling high-volume oil pumps give you an additional 20 to 25 percent of much-needed oil volume for your performance application. For those of you who need added pressure, many pumps are supplied with a high-pressure spring (where noted). The pumps are built using a proprietary casting process, which yields maximum performance and reliability.


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I've run a Melling pump in every engine I've built from street small blocks to 1100+hp blown offshore engines. Never had a problem. I will say that like anything else, I disassemble, inspect, deburr and make sure everything is AOK on my oil pumps.


It is thin oil pump castings from Melling. Effected pumps that are known of are the Melling M55, M55A, M55HV, Sealed Power 224-4143,Moroso 22100, Moroso 22135, Canton #21-500.There are bound to be more. Small block Chevy guy's are breaking an unusually high amount of oil pumps.Here is the reason. From Melling


Melling is the leader in oil pump engineering, prototyping, and production. We specialize in several different styles of oil pumps including: Variable Displacement Oil Pumps, Vane Oil Pumps, Cast Iron Oil Pumps, Gerotor Oil Pumps, Aluminum Oil Pumps, Crescent Gear Oil Pumps, and traditional Spur Gear Oil Pumps.


Melling operates 7 facilities, 5 in North America, 1 in Mexico, and 1 in Europe. Aftermarket Parts. Melling is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket oil pumps and related products servicing engine rebuilders, WD’s, jobbers, and auto parts retailers. Our aftermarket division is noted for excellent catalog accuracy, new products ...


Melling’s M55HV is also a high-pressure model (high volume, high pressure). The text outlines where and why you need high volume, high pressure or both. Take a close look at this small block Chevy pump. It’s also a high pressure, high volume example, however note the pickup tube. Instead of a press-on tube (the norm for most Chevys), this ...