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Three foods that improve kidney function are asparagus, garlic and watermelon. The primary causes of kidney dysfunction are high blood pressure and diabetes, which result from lifestyle and diet issues. Making alterations to the diet is one of the best ways to restore normal kidney operation, notes


Controlling one's health and diet are the two best ways to help improve kidney function, according to the National Kidney Disease Education Program. Keeping blood pressure, blood glucose and blood cholesterol within healthy ranges, taking any needed medicines regularly and maintaining a healthy weig


The functions of the kidneys are to filter waste and drugs from the body and to regulate fluids in the body, reports the National Kidney Foundation. Kidneys are also responsible for the release of hormones that control blood pressure, and they take part in the creation of red blood cells and a type


Vitamins that enhance kidney function include vitamin C and vitamin D, according to SFGate. Vitamin B-6 also helps to improve kidney functioning. It's best to include these in your diet rather than as supplements where possible.


The nephron is the functional unit of the kidney. It is comprised of five different parts that all work together to help the kidney function properly. The main function of the kidney is to filter and clean the blood.


Kidney function tests determine how effectively the kidneys are removing extra fluid and wastes from the blood, explains the National Kidney Foundation. Urine tests determine the swiftness of waste removal and if the kidneys are allowing anomalous amounts of protein to leak through.


Types of kidney function tests include urinalysis and a blood urea nitrogen test, according to Healthline. Other types of kidney function tests are a serum creatinine test and an estimated glomerular filtration rate test.


To support kidney function, it is important to get blood and urine checked for kidney disease and be careful to prevent heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Other steps include exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced and healthy diet and avoiding harmful sub


The kidneys are primarily employed in the filtering of blood and other substrates in the body. The organ itself is made up of thousands of nephrons.


A kidney function test provides the patient with two sets of numbers, explains the National Kidney Disease Education Program. One set of numbers come from the glomerular filtration rate GFR test that determines how well the kidneys filter blood. The other comes from the amount of albumin in the urin