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Treatment for kidney disease focuses on preventing and slowing further damage to the patient's kidneys, which is accomplished by controlling the underlying conditions that caused the kidney damage, according to WebMD. Conditions that cause kidney disease may include diabetes, high blood pressure or


Treatment for kidney disease depends on the underlying cause, but medications such as those used for treating fluid retention, swelling, high cholesterol or anemia can reduce symptoms and slow kidney disease progression, according to the Mayo Clinic. However, end-stage kidney disease can require dia


People with kidney disease are advised to avoid foods that are high in sodium, potassium and phosphorus, according to MedlinePlus. Any foods that list sodium in the beginning of the ingredient list should be avoided. Examples of foods that are high in potassium include oranges, bananas, kiwis, potat


Dialysis is a common treatment for kidney disease, but it comes with several risks and side effects, warns Healthline. Its associated risks include bleeding at the access site, low blood pressure, infection, nausea and air bubbles in the blood. The stress of regular dialysis can also be damaging to


Acute lobar nephronia, polycystic kidney disease and chronic renal disease are some of the different types of kidney diseases, according to Kidney.nyc. Some of the diseases are rare and develop gradually, with symptoms that appear at a later stage, while others are more common.


Some general dietary recommendations for chronic kidney disease patients include eating a low-protein diet, limiting fluid intake and moderating consumption of certain electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium and phosphorous, notes MedlinePlus. The specific nutritional needs of each patient vary base


Diabetes and high blood pressure are the main causes of kidney disease, and symptoms include fatigue, swelling, coloration of urine, shortness of breath and poor sleep, states Life Options. Further symptoms include skin rash, ammonia breath, nausea and vomiting, difficulties in concentrating, dizzin


Kidney nodules or cysts can be removed surgically or drained if they cause symptoms that affect kidney function, reports the Mayo Clinic. However, when a nodule does not cause symptoms, treatment may not be necessary. Kidney cysts are circular sac-like growths with fluid that can develop in the kidn


The list of symptoms of chronic kidney disease is at least 14 items long, according to Mayo Clinic. Symptoms include nausea, fatigue, changes in urine output, swelling of the feet and ankles, and persistent itching. Many of these symptoms are not specific to kidney disease, and patients are often as


Foods to avoid on a kidney diet include high-potassium foods, such as avocados, bananas, artichokes, kale and beans, according to the American Kidney Fund. Patients with chronic kidney disease should also avoid high-phosphorus foods, including bran cereals, oatmeal, whole-grain bread, nuts and dark