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Medicare is a federally run entitlement program of medical assistance for the elderly, disabled and those with permanent kidney failure, whereas Medicaid is a state-run medical program for those in financial need, reports Nolo. The coverage that each program provides and the costs to participants di


Medicaid is established by the federal government and is intended to be used by low-income people, while Medicare is intended to act as a financial supplement for expensive medical costs incurred by senior citizens, according to Nolo. Paying Social Security taxes entitles a person to receive Medicar


Medicare and Medicaid differ in who they cover. Medicare is a federal health insurance program for persons 65 and older and persons with disabilities. Medicaid is a program overseen at both the state and federal level that assists those with low income in obtaining medical and long-term custodial ca


Use the Hospital Compare tool on the Medicare website to find Medicare-certified hospitals all over the country, reports Medicare.gov. Visit your state's Medicaid agency, or consult with your health plan provider to get a list of Medicaid providers, explains the U.S. Department of Health and Human S


Medicare vs. Medicaid: Determining The Differences


Medicare is open to citizens or permanent residents age 65 or over, or those who have received Social Security Disability Insurance. Medicaid is available to those whose incomes fall under a set threshold, which may vary from state to state and depend on the number of dependents.


Contact the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services at 1-800-633-4227, as stated on the website. Those needing information about Medicaid can contact their states' Medicaid offices.


Medicaid, also known as the Medical Assistance program, provides medical coverage for people with disabilities, women who are pregnant, minors, elderly and families with children, as of 2015. Typically, recipients must fall below a specific income level. The program receives federal and state fundin


The Medicare.gov provides tool to determine eligibility and premium information, and Medicaid.gov provides eligibility guidelines, according to the programs' websites. The Medicare eligibility tool is interactive, and the Medicaid website provides current information about group and income guideline


Individuals insured by Medicaid may receive reimbursements for eligible medical expenses incurred during the three months before they applied for Medicaid, according the Department of Health & Hospitals. Individuals insured by Medicare may receive reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses from provi