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Renew Medicaid coverage online by visiting Medicaid.gov and choosing the state in which you live, which allows you to view renewal requirements and application instructions. State profiles on Medicaid.gov provide details such as eligibility levels, enrollment reports, applications and the Children's


If Medicaid health plan holders want to keep their current plans and their income or household size has not changed, they no longer need to fill out a renewal application, as the Marketplace can auto-enroll them for the same plan, notes HealthCare.gov. If the Marketplace no longer offers their curre


An individual can renew Medicaid in person, on the Internet, by telephone or through the mail, states the Executive Office of Health & Human Services. Renewal specifics differ depending on the state.


The Medicaid renewal form requires the applicant to provide updated information on income and alien status, explains eHealth Medicare. Unlike other information provided during application, the information on income and alien status is more likely to change and must be updated.


States implement the Medicaid program, and they all have different application rules. Most states accept online applications. The Medicaid website offers links to each state's Medicaid office.


Children's Medicaid sends a family renewal packet in the mail near the end of child's coverage. The packet has an application that a family can fill out and return to renew coverage for their child.


Obtain an online Texas Medicaid renewal form by logging into your account at YourTexasBenefits.com, reports the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. Alternatively, print out a paper form, use an online link to have a paper form sent to you, request a paper form by phone, or visit a benefits o


Apply for Medicaid online by going to Medicaid.gov and clicking on the link marked Find Out If You Qualify for Medicaid on the right side of the page. The link takes you to the Medicaid and CHIP webpage of the HealthCare.gov website where you can check to see if you qualify for coverage, according t


Some states allow residents to apply for Medicaid online through a state Medicaid website, according to HealthCare.gov. Medicaid is a state managed program, so each state can have a different application process.


Depending on the applicant's category, Medicaid applications in New York may require information about the applicant's income, age, Social Security number, citizenship or immigration status, and place of residence, states the New York State Department of Health. Some applicants must also provide inf