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To become a mechanic technician, obtain a high school education and complete a vocation or post-secondary training program. Many technicians must also complete employer-sponsored on-the-job training, notes the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics.


Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with design, construction and use of machines. Mechanical engineering can be used to build small individual parts or giant systems.


A technician practices his expertise and skills in a specialized field. Technicians work in many sectors, from medical laboratories and pharmacies to computers and telecommunications to engineering and architecture, in a variety of settings.


To become a mechanical engineer, a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering is required, as stated by the BLS. This degree is required to obtain most entry-level mechanical engineering positions, and a degree from an AEBT-accredited program is preferred.


Medical technicians, also called medical laboratory technicians, are responsible for performing basic laboratory procedures, like testing specimens and recording results, according to Education Portal. They handle diagnostic and analytical equipment, and they also colle...


As of 2015, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology and Stanford University rank among the best institutions offering mechanical engineering programs. Other top schools include the University of Illinois, University of Michigan, Geo...


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