Lattice fences don't provide the same amount of privacy as many other fences, but they do add a nice decorative flair to the yard. To build a lattice pattern fence, gather cement mix, crushed gravel, a drill, 4-by-4 inch... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Some good wood fence patterns include picket, post-and-rail, lattice, and stockade. Although, there are literally dozens of different styles of wood fence patterns, according to This Old More » Home & Garden Outdoor

A lattice fence can be constructed from lattice paneling. A lattice fence creates a fenced-in area that is semi-private due to the lattice design. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

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Common types of outdoor gates include wrought iron gates with intricate designs and patterns, picket-style or solid wooden gates and lattice or privacy vinyl gates. Other popular outdoor gates are made of steel and alumi... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Wood fence styles include the split-rail, picket, post and rail, lattice, or privacy designs. Wood is a versatile material that lends itself to fence designs ranging from classic to modern, states More » Home & Garden Outdoor

To prevent dogs from jumping over fences, Whole Dog Journal recommends installing or extending the height of the fence to at least 6 feet. Planting bushes in front of the fence will make it harder for dogs to jump or cli... More » Home & Garden Outdoor