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Meaningful Sentence Examples. While it would be wonderful to discover a volume that could fetch millions of dollars in an auction, finding beautiful and meaningful antique books to add to your own personal collection can also be a very rewarding experience.


meaningful definition: The definition of meaningful is something that has a purpose, that is important or that has value. (adjective) When you have a conversation with someone that is about something substantive and more important than just idle chat, t...


A meaningful sentence is one that adds value to a paragraph by bringing in information. The sentence delivers a logical fact in addition to good subject-verb agreement, spelling and grammar. Every sentence must be written for a purpose, specifically to provide supporting facts. The content of the sentence must add meaning.


Examples of meaningful role in a sentence, how to use it. 20 examples: They were not ' ornamental non-entities ' with no meaningful role to play. - Regardless of their physical health, having a meaningful role undoubtedly offered the participants a sense of wellbeing that enhanced their selfimage and hence the feeling of living a better life.


Example Sentences formeaningful. They are meaningful only in conjunction with motivations characteristic of this age. The quietness, profound and meaningful, yet further calms our spirit. On the other hand, it is too stern and meaningful a happening to be forgotten.


How to use meaningfully in a sentence. Example sentences with the word meaningfully. meaningfully example sentences.


Sentence Examples They do not introduce real, meaningful choice and freedoms which are required for foundation hospitals to work effectively. Despite being the object of much attention right now, the struggle for control over content probably isn't very meaningful to mass audiences.


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Make meaningful sentences using the given sets of words. An example is given below. Question: has / Susie / lessons / her / learned Answer: Susie has learned her lessons. 1. there I six o’clock got to have be by 2. waiting we for have ages been. 3. their they in have already work handed. 4 ...


I shrugged and pointed at the wheel meaningfully. He said glancing around the table meaningfully. meaningfully, and all eyes returned to him at once. Ali and Paramita looked at each other meaningfully. easy way or the hard way, he replied meaningfully. I said meaningfully, as I stared out into the distance. say, Bram concluded, glancing meaningfully at his father. same,’ he said, looking ...