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The word "grace," as used in the Bible, usually refers to the unmerited or undeserved favor of God. However, there are examples of grace from man to man and not just from God to man.


The phrase "Grace of God" is most often interpreted to mean God's unmerited favor, particularly in the New Testament. By the grace of God, humans are given the gift of salvation, not through any action on their own part.


Grace, used in its biblical sense, means the favor and goodness that God shows to mankind. The word can be used generally to describe everything that God does, or to refer to specific acts of God.


Saint Grace is a Catholic saint that was the sister of Saint Maria and Saint Bernard. She was of Muslim descent, but converted to Catholicism.


The religious definition of grace refers to God's favor and goodwill regardless of being deserving or undeserving. Grace is mentioned up to 170 times of the Bible and is used by Christians to characterize and describe the perpetual compassion and mercy of their God.


A grace period is the time between a mortgage payment due date and the day a late fee is assessed. A mortgage payment is the money a person owes the bank that financed the purchase of the home.


"Nancy Grace" is a live television show that airs Monday through Thursday nights on the Headline News Network, as of July 2015. As a current affairs program, the show mainly covers crimes in the United States.


The graceful chameleon is a common species of chameleon native to sub-Saharan Africa. It can rapidly change color from its basic green, yellow or brown. It is popular in the pet trade and is used in traditional medicine.


The patron St. Grace was the patron of Alzira, Valencia, Spain. She is known by the Roman Catholic Church as a martyr for the Christian faith. This is due to her torture and eventual death because of her faith in Christ. Patron St. Grace died in 1181.


Grace Larson is one of six lead vocalists and worship leaders at Crossfire Youth Ministries. Crossfire Youth Ministries is a youth division of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.