Safety education educates individuals on various safety practices at work, at school, on the road and in daily life. Safety education courses are often a requirement for specific certifications and licenses. Safety cours... More »

Physical education refers to the instruction of physical activities and games in school. Physical education has many benefits for elementary and high schools students. More »

According to UNICEF, A quality education is defined by five elements: the learner's outside experiences, learning environment, content of education, learning processes, and education outcomes. Learners must be healthy, w... More »

A safety moment is a short workplace talk focusing on safety on the job or in daily life, according to the University of Minnesota. Moments center on tips, anecdotes or ideas to improve safety, states Crowley Maritime Co... More »

OSHA offers templates that address general safety guidelines for a company, and specific practices within a business, on its website. Because different work environments carry different inherent risks, a safety plan shou... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

A safety program template contains policy or goals statement, a list of responsible persons, hazard identification, hazard controls and safe practices, and emergency and accident responses, states Business and Legal Reso... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Whether written by OSHA or created by a business itself to educate its employees, an OSHA safety manual contains information on common workplace hazards, how to avoid them, and best practices for using specific equipment... More » Business & Finance Business Resources