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A divorce decree usually contains information about allocation of assets between the spouses, child support, custody and visitation arrangements if there are minor children, spousal support and agreement regarding payments of debts, reports LegalMatch. It also provides basic information regarding th


OurDivorceAgreement.com provides a simple example of a divorce decree. The Hamilton County Court of Domestic Relations website provides several more detailed example forms. It is important to note that divorce proceedings vary by state, so example decrees should be viewed with this in mind.


A divorce decree typically includes information regarding the division of the property, alimony and child support, notes Legal Match. It outlines child custody and visitation rights and discusses the financial obligations of each party, such as paying outstanding debt.


Generally, it is difficult to obtain a copy of a divorce decree online. You can search online for the location of a divorce decree, but you likely need to obtain a copy from the vital statistics office, the local Department of Records or the courthouse where the divorce occurred.


Free copies of a divorce decree are obtained from the court clerkメs office, department of records, attorneys handling the case and online sources, notes LegalZoom. A divorce decree documents the outcome of a divorce action, and parties to the case should keep copies for verification purposes.


A judge fills out a divorce decree, rather than either party in a divorce, and it typically contains information related to the distribution of property, spousal support, child custody and the disposition of any financial obligations that exist, according to LegalMatch. Divorce decrees also contain


There are approximately 2,600 names that derive from the Bible. This list was compiled in the Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary written by Roswell Dwight Hitchcock. There are many other books that list and analyze Biblical names such as Dictionary of the Bible by William R. Smith and Evangelical Di


In the Bible, the number 10 is used on many occasions to signify testimony, law and responsibility. The number 10 is seen as a complete and perfect number, and it is used 242 times throughout the Bible.


A "decree nisi", or "order nisi," is a provisional court order that becomes valid by a certain date if none of the affected parties gives a reason to withdraw it, notes The Law Dictionary. The word "nisi" comes from Latin and means "unless." If the date passes without complaint from either party, th


In the Bible, the number 14 has a double meaning. It refers to the numerical value of the name David in ancient Jewish numerology. It also references the number seven, which in ancient Jewish numerology is the number for spiritual perfection. As 14 is twice seven, its use implies a double measure of