The four colors featured in the Seminole flag represent the four cardinal directions, and the tribal seal shows an open fire inside a chickee, the Seminole's traditional homestead. The image inside the seal represents th... More » History Modern History US History

According to, the combination of red, white and blue on the U.S. flag does not have any official meaning. However, the colors red, white and blue are taken from the Great Seal, to which meaning is ascribed. On... More »

On the Barbados flag, the left blue stripe symbolizes the sky, the middle yellow stripe represents the sand, and right blue stripe symbolizes the ocean. The trident in the middle of the flag pays homage to independence f... More »

Prior to contact with Europeans in the early 16th century, the Seminole tribe of Native Americans primarily used weapons such as spears, axes, clubs, and bows and arrows to hunt game and conduct inter-tribal warfare. The... More »

The Seminole are a group of Native American persons who originated from the state of Florida, according to the Tribal Council of the Seminole. The ethnic group descended from the Creek people and the majority of members ... More » History Modern History US History

The flag of the Comanche Nation has a blue and red background superimposed with the gold Comanche seal. The blue half of the background appears to the left side of the flag while the red half is to the right. More » History Modern History US History

The traditional disposal method for an American flag is a ceremonial destruction by fire. Veterans' organizations have specific rituals for this process. They occasionally collect worn flags and hold public events to des... More »