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He must learn in short, to control the society he has created”. Sociology is the scientific study of society and social human behavior. Thus, it is the subject of sociology which provides man the opportunity to meet the challenges of the modern world. Meaning of Sociology. The world Sociology was introduced for the first time by Auguste Comte.


ADVERTISEMENTS: Read this article to learn about definitions, development and scope of Sociology! The term Sociology was coined by Auguste Comte, a French philosopher, in 1839. The teaching of sociology as a separate discipline started in 1876 in the United States, in 1889 in France, in 1907 in Great Britain, after World War I in […]


What Is the Nature and Scope of Sociology? Sociology is the study of human society, including its origins, development, functioning and organization. Considered the youngest of the sciences, the term "sociology" was coined in 1838 by Auguste Comte.


Sociology as a social science has its own scope or boundaries. But there is no one opinion about the scope of Sociology. However, there are two main schools of thought regarding the scope of Sociology: (1) The Specialist or Formalistic school and (2) the Synthetic school. There is a good deal of controversy about the scope of Sociology between ...


Sociology is Both Dynamic and Static. — These terms are borrowed from mechanics and in a measure have the same meaning in sociology as in mechanics. However, the meaning of these terms in sociology is modified to suit the requirements of a science dealing with human beings with will power as against a science dealing with inanimate matter.


First of all, “sociology is the study of a relationship between man and his natural environment.” Nature of sociology :: Sociology is a scientific discipline. It is a science in the sense that it involves objective and subjective methods of invest...


Sociology of leisure is the study of how humans organize their free time. Leisure includes a broad array of activities, such as sport, tourism, and the playing of games. The sociology of leisure is closely tied to the sociology of work, as each explores a different side of the work–leisure relationship.

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Nature . and . Scope of Sociology . 1.2.4 Kinds of Social Groups . The classification of social groups in two majortypes is based on the extent ofattachment the individual would have to a group. The major classifications are (i) primary and (ii) secondary groups. i) A primary group has been defined as one in which the members have very close


Sociology studies various aspects of society such as social morphology, social pathology, social physiology, social tradition, social process, social control, social change, social system, etc. So, it is very difficult to limit the scope of sociology. Sociology studies whole life of human beings in society.


1.DEFINITION AND SCOPE of SOCIOLOGY: Introduction, History of Sociology, Meaning of Sociology, Definition of Sociology, Nature of Sociology, Scope of Sociology, Specialistic OR Formalistic School, Synthetic School of Thought, Conclusion on Scope of Sociology, Differences between Social Sciences and Physical Sciences,