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The term "McCarthyism" refers to the practice of accusing others of traitorous activity without proper evidence; it stems from the Second Red Scare period of the United States (1950-1956), during which Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin accused many individuals in government, entertainment, educat


McCarthyism began in earnest with the end of World War II, as alliances ending between the U.S. and the Soviet Union left Americans suspicious of the growing communist presence on American soil. The association of this cultural movement with a Joseph McCarthy began with a speech by the senator on Fe


McCarthyism's direct effects were felt by those whose lives it destroyed, but it also created an atmosphere in which accusations are nearly as good as proof of wrongdoing, an atmosphere that still survives into the modern era. As of 2015, politicians still use "communist" and "socialist" as slurs ag


Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" was his response to the level of fear and over the top reactions that McCarthyism had brought on America in the 1950s. Arthur Miller was called up for questioning by the HUAC, or House of Un-American Acts Committee, in 1956 where he was cited with contempt of Congress


Arthur Miller was affected by McCarthyism in that he was subpoenaed to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee, or HUAC, as were many of those in the entertainment industry of the era. His play "The Crucible," though ostensibly about the Salem witch trials, was a veiled condemnatio


Some key events related to "McCarthyism" in the United States include Joseph McCarthy's rise and fall from power, the inspiration he took from the work of the House Un-American Activities Committee and the “Army-McCarthy” hearings that appeared on national television. McCarthy, a senator from Wiscon


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