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A Maytag washer is generally a reliable appliance, however, there are instances when the washer may not work as well as it should. Follow these troubleshooting rules to determine how to resolve the problems.


Owner's manuals for all Maytag appliances, including washers, dryers and refrigerators, are available under the "Service & Support" section on the company's website. All manuals include troubleshooting tips. Product manuals and assorted literature, such as installation instructions and warranty guid


To troubleshoot a Maytag product, you must first identify the specific problem. Common problems with Maytag electrical appliances include tripped circuit breakers, blown fuses, incorrect thermostat settings and defective start switches. Maytag manufactures a large variety of kitchen appliances, incl


A Maytag washer is a laundry washing machine from the appliance manufacturer Maytag. The term may refer to a front-load washer, stacked laundry pair or top-load washer with varying features.


As of 2015, Maytag front-loading washers are among the top rated machines according to Consumer Reports. However, its top-loading high-efficiency machines do not perform as well as machines by Samsung and LG.


Maytag is among the best washing machine brands on the market, with an A+ rating from Consumer Reports for its front-loading washers and a B+ for its top-loading washers. Samsung and LG score higher for top-loading washers with A+ ratings, as of April 2015.


Customer reviews consistently rate Maytag washers very high, earning an average of between 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars for a variety of models on Lowe's official site. This brand receives an average of 4.4 stars on Home Depot's website.


One can troubleshoot a Maytag dryer by checking for power issues, ensuring the lint screen is clean, checking safety features, checking settings and making certain the dryer has been properly installed. Consulting the Maytag user manual or website may be helpful. If needed, one should call a repair


While Maytag washing machine problems are similar to other manufacturer's machines, one common problem with the Maytag Atlantis series is the development of mold and mildew. Consumers complain of an awful stench, according to ConsumerAffairs. The problem is with the door boot, which retains water. W


The three most common problems with Maytag washers are a washing machine that does not start, a unit that does not spin and the washer not draining water. The specific problems with Maytag washers depend on the particular model.